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SIEMEX grease trap is a device that separates fats, oils and grease from wastewater and stops it from entering the drainage system. All commercial kitchens whose wastewater contains fat, oils and grease are now required by law to have a properly installed and maintained grease trap


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The objective is to provide the most efficient, complete solution, reliable oil separator and membranes reduction for the treatment and water recovery of waste water generated from the fuel oil storage operations. This system is used in conjunction to the employment of the plant operations using green and degradable detergent and cleaners. The entire program will eliminate the need for a waste water treatment plant.


To design a system that is reliable at removal of oil and grease.  Siemex coalescer packs consists of a set of parallel corrugated plates. The separation process is enhanced by reducing the droplet settling distance.


To use the most reliable technology for the stage 1 removal of free and separable oil. ( The oil separator is already in place and running )To utilise natural  occurring bacteria under anaerobic condition for the breaking down of the oil and grease and also assist in lowering the BOD and COD by membrane reduction for stage 2.

DOE Compliance

The system once completed will be in full compliance to DOE regulations as there shall be a total reuse of the water recovered after treatment for washing purposes. Theoretically there shall be no waste discharged to the environment.


General Dimensions

oil separator petrol station


General Drawing

oil separator petrol station general drawing